How it All Began

On March 19th, 1954, Brother Jude opened the door of 16 Monir Hossain Lane for four students to start St. Joseph High School. The classes were taught in the parlour for the first year. The following year, a single story building was constructed by Brother Andrew at 32, Shah Shaheb Lane, narinda property. In 1960, a second storey was added and the enrollment of the school rose to 269.

In 1963, nine years after opening, the school was sufficiently devoloped to enable to two major accomplishments to take place -- both of which was to bring Brother Jude's original idea closer to realization. In October of 196, to accomodate increasing enrollment, Brother Fulgenc, Superior of the Brothers, began work on a new school complex in Mohammedpur. In November of that same year, the first class of boys from St. Joseph sat for the Cambridge Examinations. This group was the first group of many groups to bring honor to the school.  

School Compund
In July, 1965, all the classes shifted from Narinda to the Mohammadpur compound. The new school was very modern and quite unfinished. The first classes held here were for adventuresome boys who had to climb over construction materials, bear up with construction noises and breave the eliments. But the joy of having new school brought out a new spirit which grew as the school devoloped.  
School Entrance BasketBall Court
In 1974, the first batch of boys took the SSC Examination and 32 of the 33 boys passed and one of them was placed ninth in the combined merit list.

After the liberation and independence of Bangladesh, the school started to grow and develop with the new country. The medium of instruction changed to Bangla and the school registered with Dhaka board.

In 1973 the last of the Cambridge groups took their examinations. During the ten years of Cambridge, 233 boys took the overseas examination and 98% passed with over 60% in the first division.  


In 1979, the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of the school, two great historical things took place. St. Joseph's basketball team won the national Interschool Basketball Championship. In the evening of the same day, in Dhaka a young class seven Josephite, Niaz Murshed won the National Chess Championship of Bangladesh. On July 6th 1980, the results of the SSc Exam were published and eight Josephites were placed in the merit list with the coveted first position going to Khaled Sobhan.  

Our Trophies
Each year brings forth some achievment for the school but for over 45 years, St. Joseph has continued the traditions set by the first pioneers and Brother Jude, Advancing in Wisdom and virtue. 
This history had been compiled by Brother Ralph and is slightly modified to make it current  

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